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Westford Hill Poire William Eau de Vie 200ml
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Westford Hill Poire William Eau de Vie


Pear William from Westford Hill Distillers is produced from Connecticut-grown Bartlett pears, harvested in late summer. Riper is better, so we consistently replicate the natural conditions best-suited for soft, golden, juicy fruit. Each pear is inspected for quality before it is hammermill mashed for fermenting and distilling. For the complete distilling story click here. This small-batch philosophy is why our brandy maintains the powerful pear aroma and long-lasting taste that connoisseurs love, making it the ideal accompaniment to pear, nut and apple dessert. From tart glazes to fruit sauces, a splash of Pear William makes a wonderfully aromatic finishing touch. Or try it over fruit juice mixers or other neutral spirits for delicious results in your cocktail recipes.