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Bellis Bourbon 750ml
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Bellis Bourbon



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Category Whiskey
Region United States
Brand Bellis
Unlike other young bourbons, which are typically harsh, Bellis Bourbon undergoes a second distillation process to remove impurities for a smooth finish. This proprietary process separates out the fusel oils from the flavor, color, and aroma, making the bourbon easy to drink. Fusel oils - German for "bad liquor"- are a mixture of several alcohols which are produced as a byproduct of alcohol fermentation. These oils give spirit products a harsh rubbing alcohol taste and may contribute to hangover symptoms. Bourbon is prone to having excessive concentrations of fusel oils, but unlike other bourbons, Bellis Bourbon is so smooth, you'll want a double. When you see the Bellis Bourbon barrel, you can expect a consistently smooth bourbon from the first sip to the last drop.