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Harpoon Brewery Summer Beer 6 pack 12oz Bottle


SKU 14761

6 x 12oz Bottle

Our version of the traditional German Kölsch-style ale. This beer, which is light and refreshing, appears to resemble a lager rather than an ale. The Kölsch style is a testimony to the broad spectrum of characteristics an ale can produce, as well as the brewer's art. The body is soft and delicate with a dry, crisp finish. Appearance: Straw-gold with bubbly white head. Aroma: Lightly sweet, faint wheat. Mouthfeel: Delicate body. Taste: Crisp, lemon-y, some bitterness. Finish: Dry, crisp.
Category Kölsch
Country United States
Region Massachusetts
Brand Harpoon Brewery
Alcohol/vol 4.8%