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Patron XO Cafe Incendio

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Patron XO Cafe Incendio

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A fiery blend of Patrón Silver, Criollo chocolate & the Mexican arbol chile. A dark and delicious blend. A bold, chile chocolate liqueur. Distinctive sweet & spicy flavor. Perfect as a shot, over ice, or mixing in cocktails & desserts. Color: Deep, dark brown. Aroma: Sweet chocolate. Taste: Chocolate with a spicy kick of chile & light tequila. Finish: Smooth, yet dry.
Category Liqueur
Region Mexico
Brand Patron
Alcohol/vol 30%
  • we91

Wine EnthusiastDelicious but not for the faint of palate, this deep brown chile-chocolate liqueur has a spicy jalapeno whiff with just a touch of cocoa underneath. The spice explodes on the palate. Quick-building cayenne and habanero-like heat yield a dark Mexican chocolate effect overall. Many will find it too spicy for comfort, but chile-heads will surely enjoy the burn.

Kara Newman, February 1, 2016