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Mastri Distillatori Grappa di Barolo 750ml
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Mastri Distillatori Grappa di Barolo


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Category Grappa
Origin Italy, Piedmont, Barolo
Brand Mastri Distillatori
It 's the result of the distillation of pomace of Nebbiolo grapes, destined to give the Barolo wine. The grape ripens at the end of October and, after the traditional fermentation in vats, it makes racking. The pomace reach the distillery and in December takes place through the alembic distillation. Brandy, placed in small oak barrels is aged for at least two years ended this period of aging acquires its unmistakable yellow color with amber tones, intense aroma with hints of vanilla and spices. Food Pairing: Perfect after dinner, or with a little drop in a short espresso coffee (caffe corretto). Tipically italian.

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