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Delirio Reposado Mezcal


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Delirio Reposado is a mezcal made out of 100% Espadín agave, which is cultivated using ancestral procedures inherited from many agricultural generations of the region of Camarón y Miahuatlán, areas that are highly recognized in Oaxaca for their high quality agave. For 6 long years required for cultivation, the agave selected for Mezcal Delirio Reposado only receives water and is lovingly cared for by the hands of agave experts. Distilled twice in copper stills and aged 2 to 4 months in American oak barrels, Mezcal Delirio Reposado of Oaxaca has a delicate aroma with discrete smoky notes and a robust agave aroma. Mezcal Delirio Reposado of Oaxaca has a definite character, which makes it a mezcal to be enjoyed by itself or mixed.
Category Mezcal
Country Mexico
Region Oaxaca
Brand Delirio
Alcohol/vol 40%